World Mental Health Day; Bestselling Author Urges Self-Care for Pandemic Relief

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On World Mental Health Day Oct. 10, bestselling author and CEO Kevin Guest urged everyone in 2020 to reset oneself during the pandemic with five steps for self-care.

“Businesses that will emerge from the pandemic successfully will be those that are agile,” said Kevin Guest, CEO and Chairman of USANA Health Sciences (NYSE:USNA). “People who will emerge successfully from this pandemic will be those focused on self-care, which is the best care you can invest in.”

From a lifetime of experiences outlined in Guest’s bestseller, “All the Right Reasons,” five key steps start the process of effective self-care during the coronavirus pandemic.

First, we must slow down our minds, and that starts with getting a full night’s sleep,” said Guest. “Set up a regular schedule for sleeping and stick to it because skipping one night shows the powerful impact of sleep on your well-being.”

Raised in Montana with beautiful Flathead Lake in his backyard, Guest knows the mentally calming influence of nature.

“I learned firsthand that spending time in nature is therapeutic. It is evident that we are natural beings, and if we really focus while in natural surroundings, we can almost feel ourselves uniting with nature,” he said. “Everyone should take a walk in parks, rivers or lakes. Even escaping to fields and mountains enriches our soul and help us bring back balance and harmony.”

Immersing oneself in nature introduces the next step for calmness: moments of solitude.

“When I’ve been on a nonstop schedule around the world, I’ve found balance when I made time to be alone,” said Guest. “As social beings, we seek time with others, but it is also vital to get away from the crowds and spend time to think and take inventory of yourself.

“Private times to ponder are perfect for reflecting on core values, identifying what matters most in your life and what brings happiness. That discovery is the foundation for balance on your road to harmony.”

Guest said the fourth step is to soothe your mind, body and life.

“The World Mental Health Day is the perfect time to ask yourself what interests you, what brings harmony and what would enrich your life at this time,” he said. “Some people take hikes, paint or play a musical instrument. As you soothe your mind and breathe from your stomach, envision calmness and clarity going layers deep to your core.”

His final point has set minds free from things that have gripped them for years.

“Odd as it sounds, the act of forgiving another person has a powerful effect on our emotional health,” Guest said. “I’ve found forgiveness frees the mind from negative, recurring thoughts and allows us to instantly detach from tired, destructive and angry emotions that have been bottled inside for years.”

Designed to help others find balance, All the Right Reasons reveals 12 principles for living a life in harmony. All proceeds from sales of the bestseller is aimed at feeding two million meals to hungry children.

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Photo by: Kevin Guest

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