Sven & Audrey Goebel reveal further details on The Happiness Company

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Sven and Audrey Goebel - the Founder of Enhanzz

With the launch of a first pre-informative website as well as according Social Media Channels, Audrey and Sven Goebel have unveiled further details about their company that will pre-launch in the late summer months of this year.

The name of the company was thoroughly chosen as Enhanzz, which reflects their Mission Statement of “Empowering People – Enhancing Happiness“. The company is located in the center of Switzerland in the beautiful Canton of Obwalden, right next to the picturesque scenery of the inner-swiss mountains and the beautiful Lake Lucerne. While “Happiness“ is the foundation of the company, “Swissness“ is their core quality feature.

Together with a well-chosen team of Swiss scientists, the Enhanzz team has developed a proprietary, exclusive consumer product line in the beauty sector: A unique and highly superior Swiss-based Skin Care Line for both male and female, that runs under its highly marketable own brand, with only a slight connection to the company brand. This move enables the brand to develop a successful life on its own, both online and offline, while the distribution network of Enhanzz’ independent Brand Partners, Enhanzz Global, has the exclusive marketing rights. The brand has a unique, modern and elite design, some glimpses can be seen through the first initial teaser videos on their website.

The company launches with a two-dimensional compensation plan, developed in cooperation with leading industry experts. It not only rewards building a customer-centric organization the classical way, but also building a customer base only(!) – with separate achievement ranks. For the first time, people who drive customers only, like Social Media influencers and professionals inside the beauty sector, can still enjoy an extensive achievement recognition, both at and outside company events. Currently, there is a lot of development going on behind the scenes, as they use latest technology including Blockchain to provide utmost accuracy and transparency to their Brand Partners in all back office-related aspects.

Over the coming years, the consumer line will be further extended into other consumer product sectors. In addition to this consumer brand, the company is working on a digital learning platform that is not primarily targeted to educating their sales field, but much more a sophisticated online product for their global customer base. As per Sven Goebel, who’s focus has been on personal development throughout the past 15 years, for the first time, they managed to monetize online education in this industry so it becomes a true customer product providing huge value to end consumers.

The company presents itself through its 3 worlds: A revolutionary Business World in the Social Selling field, a world-class, fashionable e-Commerce Consumer World and a digital Education World for personal growth. No doubt that this is a fine selection where anyone can find something of interest and value. The combination of the three worlds offers without question the perfect platform for a happier life. Consequently, Enhanzz being The Happiness Company, is no lip-service. It is built on a professional and sophisticated plan to truly make their promise come true.

In a next release, the couple promised to introduce their product brand to the world and reveal first details on their well designed compensation plan.

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