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Contacts, they are the key to success in network marketing. Only those who have them, or work hard to acquire them, will be successful. Social media marketing has been playing a decisive role in this. It has never been easier to get in touch with people globally than with contact work on Facebook and Instagram. At least if you know how to address people correctly on the platforms. How to turn strangers into friends, no matter where they come from.

Jérome Hoerth has long been aware of this. The ambitious Frenchman, 39, General Manager of QN Europe, is now tackling this topic decisively for his company together with the management consultant Samer Mohamad. And this within the framework of the “Business Academy”, a comprehensive strategy on which QN Europe partners can rely in future. Quasi a detailed plan on how success in network marketing works.

Turnkey concept

Hoerth had twenty of its partners, from absolute newcomers to professional partners, Germans, Swedes, Italians and many other nationalities, flown into Frankfurt for the “Social Media Days” at the kick-off event. On the agenda: a turnkey concept, a tool and guide that will enable partners to generate up to one hundred new, high-quality contacts per month! A seminar that Hoerth will transfer to all QN Europe structures in the coming months. The next stop will already be in Paris in February.

From offline to online

Central to the seminar: Samer Mohamad. Specialist for Social Media Marketing and a tireless as well as clever provider of ideas on how to design state-of-the-art sponsoring. Without giving too much away: Basis of the concept for QN Europe is to adapt communication with people from offline to online.

“It is very important that not only QN Europe has a sophisticated brand. Each of our partners needs their own, sharpened profile”, to show their point of view, their offer in the daily flood of information, says Hoerth. “Working with social media, you can quickly reach new partners, you need zero capital to do so and in total only 30 minutes a day.”

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