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The German economy is resisting the corona virus burden. Economic experts predict that by mid-April 2020, the global economy will have to contend with up to 25 percent more corporate insolvencies than in the same period last year. And what is the situation in network marketing? Logically speaking, companies which work with party concepts where personal contact to customers or sales partners is elementary would now have a “zero turnover” problem. The opposite is the case. Which concept in good in times when even DAX companies reach their cashflow limits? We ask the high-flyer, QN Europe.

Interactive Training
Fact is: Long before the world knew about Corona, Jérome Hoerth, General Manager QN Europe, decided to establish a social media concept for QN Europe parallel to the classic business, which works as a free tool for all sales partners. For this, Hoerth enlisted the support of Samer Mohamad, the European expert in digital sales team building. The developed concept has now been running for several weeks on an online platform which enables interactive training. This allows the content to be conveyed in a practical way by working on real examples.

How should I address people so that they listen to me?
The concept is based on different steps. It addresses the young as well as the golden generation. Module one consists of an analysis of the Facebook or Instagram profile of the webinar participants. The question is: What is my external image, what can I do to generate attention? The list of friends is then reviewed and commented on. Objectives: How do I address the audience so that I am heard? Each post should have an individual character on the one hand, but should follow elementary principles with regard to the structure of the conversation. This is the only way to develop a fine thread that can be gradually strengthened. In other words: If I know the problems and challenges people at the other end of the line face, I can make an offer which will reach people.

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