QN Europe grows despite quarantine

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On Thursday 2nd April the first of a series of ONLINE MASTERCLASSES will take place with Samer Mohamad, the European number one in social media marketing. All partners of QN Europe can participate. There will be two of these seminars per week, to which QN Europe partners can dial in free of charge.

Fact is, QN Europe continues to increase sales despite the Covid-19 crisis which, with lockdown constraints in many European countries, has far-reaching implications. This is especially true in Spain, Italy and France. Why is this so? The company prepared itself for the crisis early on, which is why QN Europe partners are now expanding where others may be threatened with a drop in revenue.

Long before the emerging of the corona crisis, the QN Europe corporate team had already been working intensively on a genuine home based business and had ensured that seminars and presentations on the net could be conducted on a highly professional basis. In this way, the company is increasingly providing its partners with the tools to build and strengthen their own brand on the net. The pioneer in this respect was the company itself, which is working intensively on fine-tuning the corporate brand. So the company is now very well positioned digitally and works daily to support its partners with numerous offers.

To further expand this strategy, there will now be a live online training session with Samer Mohamed, the undisputed number one in social media marketing, twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Registration is easy: just enter your IR number and off you go.
The aim will be to use a sophisticated concept to train sales partners as brand ambassadors. Material will be presented that partners can post in order to attract attention and expand their list of friends with qualified contacts. It will be specifically about what to write, how and when in order to really generate attention. Samer will present a sample editorial plan and social media guidelines, even in different languages. In addition, General Manager Jerome Hoerth will support the project with weekly Facebook formats and other tips from his rich experience. Keyword: #Jerometoday.

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