QN Europe: “Clean” does not necessarily mean healthy!

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We believe that our tap water is clean, as it is one of the most strictly controlled foodstuffs. It can be so simple, turn on the tap: Water flows. No carrying, no plastic, no energy for the production of the bottles, no exhaust fumes from transport.

Clean water, free from substances
QN Europe wants more. QN Europe wants to offer everyone the opportunity to drink really clean water that is also free from substances for which no tests are carried out. The water filter of the HomePure Nova, which is exclusively distributed by QN Europe, shows how many impurities are visible after only 5000 litres. But what about those that are not visible, such as bacteria, viruses or medication residues? Our drinking water is obtained from various sources: Ground water, spring water, bank filtrate, lake and dam water as well as river water, whereby most of it is obtained from ground water.

30,000 tons of medicines
As we humans send our excrements, medicines and drugs back into the water cycle, they end up in our waste water. 30,000 tons of drugs are prescribed in Germany every year. Not only antibiotics, antidepressants and painkillers are prescribed in large quantities, but also the contraceptive pill is the most widely used contraceptive in Germany. However, since the majority of oestrogens cannot be broken down by the body, this hormone then ends up in the waste water as a result of this.  Sewage treatment plants are not equipped to filter the large number of drugs, chemicals and pharmaceuticals out of the water.

Contamination is not noticeable
There is no possibility to carry out a blanket test for the high diversity of the different chemicals and drugs and therefore the exposure is not noticeable.
A further evil, which makes the current situation of the water quality even more cloudy, is that for many foreign substances no threshold levels have been set. This means that even if traces are measured, there is no guideline whether these levels are harmful to health or not.

Even though the effects of these contaminants in water on the body have not yet been scientifically proven, we should ask ourselves whether we really want to wait that long? Especially when the alternative can be so simple.

HomePure Nova one of the most thorough filters on the market
The HomePure Nova from QN Europe can be connected without specialist knowledge and the filter is sufficient for 5000 litres. An early warning ensures enough time to order a new filter, which can be replaced quickly and easily. The filter of the HomePure Nova does not only offer the visible filter, where you can see the water pollution, but has 8 more filters inside, which also filter out medicines, drugs, pesticides, hormones and microplastics. With 5 NSF certificates the HomePure Nova is one of the most thorough filters on the market.

Water is essential for life and the most effective thirst quencher. The HomePure Nova from QN Europe turns the supposedly “clean” tap water into a healthy, refreshing, tasty and environmentally friendly alternative. Help the environment step by step and contribute to saving the planet for future generations – and do something for your own health!

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