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Every generation is shaped in some way and this influence is also reflected in the professional life. This is why the burn-out syndrome has become better known and has increased greatly in recent years. The pressure to provide financially for your family, to be there for your parents in their old age, to be a perfect parent is already great – in addition to this there is the stress at work, the pressure of deadlines, the expectations of the boss, customers or colleagues, the expectations you have of yourself to have a successful career, etc. This pressure leads to excessive demands and consequently to a burn-out syndrome.

Control over your own life
A change is the way to independence. Here it is often not the dream of millions that attracts people, but rather to have control over one’s own life and not to be controlled by others. Turn the tables and decide for yourself how the path should lead to your goal. The possibility to shape your life yourself can strengthen your inner balance.

However, independence can be a lonely, stony path with a lot of competition. Always having the Apple story in front of your eyes can be motivating, but it makes more sense to take off those rose-colored glasses. Not all companies that started in the garage will be successful. Many thousands more end up in the company cemetery. One should therefore not lose courage, but proceed strategically. Nobody has come into this world omniscient, everybody makes mistakes. But we do not all have to repeat the same mistakes. At QN Europe there is the possibility to learn from the network and to profit from the mistakes and experiences of others.

Recognize the way
As an independent sales partner at QN Europe you have an upline who is interested in your personal development, cheers you on and gives you encouragement. It helps you to recognize the way, when you sometimes can’t find it yourself. You have a person at your side who helps you to find your balance, because in the beginning it can be difficult not to get wobbly without support. Having a trusted companion to accompany and support your development from the beginning can be worth its weight in gold. This personal development gives you the strength to take control and be the master of your life. With this personal growth comes an inner strength and a healthy self-confidence, which are a big building block of success.

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