Lifeplus: Gabi’s team thrilled 10,000 people

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About 10,000 people came to the five kick-off events organized by Lifeplus team Gabi Steiner at five locations at the beginning of the year (Hanover, Switzerland, Osnabrück, Stuttgart, Cologne). At the beginning of February, 3,000 visitors came to Stuttgart, who had the opportunity to experience how open and warm the great Lifeplus family, under the direction of network icon Gabi Steiner, is.

The start of the year events in the Gabi Steiner team is a little different than you are used to from conventional events. This is not where the company invites itself; rather, the executives organize the kick-offs together with coach and event professional Andreas Steiner (also Lifeplus). There are no product introductions, no honors and no active recruiting on these days. “We often do not even talk about the products,” laughs Andreas Steiner, explaining that getting to know each other is the focus of the events.

“The visitors are not only partners, but above all invited guests, who should just spend a nice day,” says Steiner. The participants experience emotions, exchange ideas and get to know biographies that stimulate their own lives.

The morning hours of the kick offs are like an “open house”. “Everything is without obligation,” says Steiner, who, together with other executives, implements the know-how of Gabi Steiner. “From person to person” is the motto that enables an exchange without talking about the business immediately. People who want to change their own lives become intrigued by themselves and ask questions. “We,” said Steiner, “only give the impulse.” In the afternoon, their own mindset was strengthened by speaker and motivational speaker Cristián Gálvez. And even the people who had just found their way to the Lifeplus halls and have no interest in networking, will have taken some positive thoughts on their way home.

The Lifeplus team Gabi Steiner has found his own way to grow beyond regional boundaries. In 2013, executives made a commitment that provides for cross-line support. Interested parties or consultants of one partner can visit the business presentation of another partner at any time – without having a competition idea. This promise of the team not only symbolizes strength to the outside, but has also brought the Lifeplus consultants themselves closer together.

Gab Steiner greeted on all five days of the event via social media from Florida and wished her team a lot of fun and success. And Andy Steiner laughs in the Netcoo conversation and says: “No matter where Gabi is – in her heart she is always with us and supports us.” (BS)


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