Why BVB legend Norbert Dickel relies on the proWIN AIR BOWL

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Norbert Dickel with the AIR BOWL Premium, of course in the club colors black-yellow

For some time, the AIR BOWL has become an absolute top seller at proWIN international. The product is very popular in sales. No wonder, because in combination with the proWIN PURE AIR (or its variants) the AIR BOWL neutralises unpleasant scents and removes the pollutant formaldehyde from the air. proWIN customers literally love the product.

The principle of the AIR BOWL is very simple: A ventilation wheel is moved via the motor, which draws in the room air through the lid openings and directs it via the liquid contained. Contact with the contained proWIN PURE AIR (or its variants) binds and neutralizes formaldehyde and odorants. The cleaned air then flows out of the device again. In sales, the product is a hit.

And also BVB legend Nobert Dickel swears meanwhile on the AIR BOWL as a report at the German televison shows on RTL West. Since then, the former soccer professional and today’s stadium spokesman from the club Borussia Dortmund can sleep through again.

Picture: Screen RTL Televison review

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